Arla Rae (Gilbert) Williams | Obituary

Arla Rae (Gilbert) Williams, 84, long-time resident of Auburn, Washington, passed away on Tuesday, June 13th, 2023 from a brief battle with cancer.

Arla Rae (as she was known by family), an only child, was raised in Algona, Washington. It was there she fell for the ‘bad-boy’ charm of her future husband, Robert Williams, also an only child. Married young with their first child on the way, they were determined to raise a real family instead of having a single child as they each were. Apparently meaning what they said, they went on to have 5 children: Rick, Donald, Jackie, Denis, and Denise. Bob (as Robert was known by family) was instrumental in introducing Arla and the rest of the family to motorcycles in the early 60’s. She loved to take a stress-relieving ride around town when things got tough. She was not afraid to slide behind the wheel of the family 4×4 when an opportunity to enter a women’s race arose during a club outing. Even though she had never raced before, she ended up taking home 2nd-place trophy.

Arla was always very social, reaching out to folks, trying to include them in her favorite shenanigans, such as garden nurseries, second-hand stores, and garage sales. You could never get away without her buying (or at least trying to buy) your lunch during those escapades.

Arla was preceded in death by her husband Robert, and son Donald. She is survived by sons Rick and Denis, and daughters Jackie and Denise.

Arla asked that services not be held. Her ashes will instead be scattered during a private family event.