‘Prolific’ burglary suspect from Auburn pleads not guilty

A 28-year-old Auburn man described as a “prolific” burglary suspect pleaded not guilty in two burglary cases on Feb. 7 in King County Superior Court.

Auburn police arrested him on Jan. 25 alongside a second suspect after the suspects’ vehicle struck an officer’s vehicle as it attempted to flee from police.

The King County Superior Court held two arraignment hearings for Antonio Fernandez, 28, on Feb. 7 for two cases, both involving a burglary in the second degree charge for two separate incidents in September 2023 and November 2023.

Fernandez pleaded not guilty to both charges.

Both charges concerned incidents involving Fernandez allegedly breaking into commercial businesses in Tukwila, according to prosecutorial documents.

Prosecutorial documents listed an additional six pending felony cases and four misdemeanor cases against Fernandez. Pending felony cases ranged from June 2023 to October 2022, and included cases involving burglary, assault, eluding charges and more.

The court reserved a decision on Fernandez’s bail at his arraignment hearing, with prosecutors arguing to hold Fernandez on $25,000 bail as a result of the “accused’s past record of committing offenses while on pretrial release.”

Fernandez will face a jury trial scheduled for April 1, 2024.

The court scheduled his next hearing, an omnibus hearing, for Feb. 21.

According to the Auburn Police Department, at the time of Fernandez’s arrest on Jan. 25, he served as a suspect in approximately 20 additional felony cases in the region.